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How Much Can I Earn?




We pay a generous 50% commission on every sale!


My Secret Eye offers an industry leading 50% commission on every sale.
Our conversion rates are through the roof due to virtually endless demand.

Selling My Secret Eye Home Edition:
5 sales per day - earn $2,250/month
10 sales per day   - earn $4,500/month

20 sales per day - earn $9,000/month

Selling My Secret Eye Pro:
2 ten-user sales  per day - earn $3,375/month
5 ten-user sales per day - earn  $8,437/month
10 ten-user sales per day - earn $16,875/month!
(1, 5, 10, 25, 50 & unlimited user-licenses available)

Our top affiliates are each earning over $10,000 per month promoting My Secret Eye!
Our #1 affiliate's best month this year earned her
over $25,000!


* Earn 50% of each sale!
* Proven, EASY to sell product!
* Real time stats HTML Ad Copy & Banners Provided



Sign Up Instructions:

Step #1:

To join our affiliate program, you must first be a member of 2Checkout.
To sign up with 2Checkout for free - Click Here
(Disregard the $11 commission displayed on the sign-up page - you will receive 75% of whatever the sale price is for the version of My Secret Eye you sell.)
Sign up by clicking the link above - 30 second sign up process.
2Checkout will track all affiliate sales for you and pay you twice per month!

Step #2

Use the following formats to link to sell our products:

My Secret Eye Home - Single User - $19.99:


My Secret Eye Pro - 5 User Licenses - $49.99:


My Secret Eye Pro - 10 User Licenses - $74.99:


My Secret Eye Pro - 25 User Licenses - $139.99:


My Secret Eye Pro - 50 User Licenses - $199.99:

Simply replace the xxxxx with the your 2Checkout affiliate ID.

Step #3

Click Here to Visit our Affiliate Resource Center
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